TomCat's Scratching Post

Meowdy, Friend!

Hi - I'm TomCat, a software developer who embarked on his coding journey as a young kitten over 40 years ago. From those first lines of BASIC to the intricate designs of today, my paws have never stopped crafting digital wonders.

For Professional Collaborators:

With a rich legacy of experience, I'm eager to delve into freelance software development opportunities. If you're looking for someone who brings a blend of tradition and innovation, let's connect.

For the World of Warcraft Community:

My passion has led me to craft addons that elevate your gaming experience. If you've enjoyed TomCat's Tours and my other addons, consider supporting my projects. Together, we can ensure the adventures continue in Azeroth and beyond!

Watch my livestreams where I create addons and answer all of your questions. (other streaming platforms coming in 2024)

Did you know that existing Amazon Prime members get a FREE Twitch subscription every month? It can be used to subscribe to my Twitch channel! All proceeds from my livestreaming channels go toward addon development.

When you support via GitHub Sponsors, they give 100% of your contribution to me (no fees!). One-time and monthly support options are available.

Patreon is another great way to support. They charge a very small fee and have one-time and monthly support options available.

PayPal can be a convenient option, especially if you already have an account. One-time and monthly support options available.

When you use the CurseForge app to manage your addons, including TomCat's Tours, a significant portion of the ad revenue is shared with addon developers.

Wago has an app for managing your addons, including TomCat's Tours. They also have a rewards program for addon developers.

TomCat's Scratching Post can be found on Discord, where you can also get technical support, request features, and receive special notifications

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